The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
See: float. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. place place 1 [pleɪs] verb [transitive]
1. place an order (with somebody) COMMERCE to ask a shop or business to provide goods:

• The airline has placed a large order for jets with Boeing.

2. place an order (with somebody) FINANCE to ask a broker to buy shares, bonds etc for you:

• A speculator placed a large order for stock but couldn't afford to pay for it.

3. FINANCE if a financial institution acting for a company places its shares, bonds etc, they manage to sell them to investors:

• It easily placed the 16 million shares in the bank.

place with

• 25% of the firm's shares will be placed with institutional investors.

4. place somebody in a job HUMAN RESOURCES if an organization such as an employment agency places someone in a job, they find a job for them:

• The agency is not paid until the individual is placed in a job and holds it for a set amount of time.

5. place an ad/​advertisement MARKETING to arrange for an advertisement to appear in a newspaper:

• He wanted to sell his car, so he placed an ad in the `Auto Trader'.

6. place a ( telephone) call (to somebody) to give a telephone operator the number of a person you want to speak to, so that they can connect you:

• He went to the hotel to place two telephone calls, one local and one to London.

7. place a business in/​under receivership to ask a court of law to officially say that a company cannot continue to operate normally because of its financial difficulties:

• Creditor banks are considering cutting off assistance and forcing the company to be placed under receivership.

  [m0] II. place place 2 noun [countable]
1. place of work/​employment formal HUMAN RESOURCES the office, factory etc where you work:

• Our place of work provides us with a base for social interaction.

2. take place to happen, especially after being planned or arranged:

• The meeting took place on 5th May.

3. in somebody's place if you do something in someone's place, you do it instead of them because they cannot do it:

• John Hudson is away that week, so I will be attending the course in his place.

4. be going places informal to start becoming successful:

• The market had just started to look as if it was going places when the crash came along.

5. in high places in positions of power or authority:

• corruption in high places

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place UK US /pleɪs/ verb [T]
to do the things necessary to make something happen: place an advertisement/order »

Orders can be placed by phone or via the website.


The President placed calls to several world leaders to discuss the crisis.

STOCK MARKET, FINANCE to find buyers for shares when they are made available for sale: place sth with sth »

Brokers BZW place shares in the company with various institutional investors.

HR to find a job for someone to do for a short period so that they can get some work experience: »

The college placed him with a software firm for a month.

place UK US /pleɪs/ noun [C]
an area, building, room, etc. that is used for a particular purpose: »

Trade fairs and exhibitions remain a common meeting place for retail buyers and suppliers.


He qualified for redundancy on the basis that the new hours and place of work would be a change to his terms and conditions.

in place — Cf. in place
in sb's place — Cf. in sb's place
be going places — Cf. be going places
take place — Cf. take place

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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